Infinite Notebook
Infinite Notebook
Infinite Notebook
Infinite Notebook
Cuaderno de hojas cambiables para dibujar, escribir o ilustrar. Drawing, handwriting and illustration notebook.
Portada con gomas para llevar tus lápices, rotuladores o herramientas.
Infinite Notebook
Infinite Notebook
Infinite Notebook
Cuaderno Extinto con hojas interiores extraíbles e intercambiables
Detalle de la sujeción de las hojas interiores
Infinite Notebook
Infinite Notebook

Infinite Notebook

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Notebook with interchangeable hardcover interior with lids lined with very resistant buckram fabrics. Series of 25 units per format.
Removable sketchbook sheets. Really hardy buckram fabric. 25 exemplary by format.

/ Pages: 32
Removable white leaves fastened with rubber: Tintoretto Neve 250g ideal watercolor, natural and ecological / Removable white sheets: Tintoretto Neve 250gm, ecofriendly.
/ Format: 160x205mm
Hardcover / Hard cover
Loose booklets / Separated booklet
Opening of   180o /Opening 180o
Rubber closure / Elastic band
Curved loin / Curve spine

Price VAT included / VAT included
Free shipping costs for Spain / Free Shippingcosts for Spain
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Delivery in the peninsula and Balearic Islands in 24h.

Includes a page with series numbering and signature.
They are designed and made one by one entirely in Estudio Ductus (Zaragoza) through handcrafted processes and materials manufactured in the EU.
It includes a sheet with the serial number and signature.
Each book has been designed and handmade in Estudio Ductus (Zaragoza, Spain) with European produced materials.