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Edition in translucent PVC of 300g of 80+8 P.A.
Size 25x35cm. 
Screen printing in 6 colors, with 6 screens.
Custom-made frame made of chestnut wood.

All peoples with history
they have their paradise, 
all paradises have their history.

Choni Naudín, bookmaker, Natalia Royo, screen designer, and Rubén Rodríguez, graphic designer, want to create a work adding works by a handful of authors with which they have met one day in December 2018 in Zaragoza.

Grassa Toro, writer, proposes a theme:


Flavio Morais, illustrator, sends the first image:

it's a matchbox. 

Isidro Ferrer, illustrator and designer, sends the second, 

it's a tiger, it'll be yellow.

Peret, graphic designer, sends the third:

you see a woman and a snake.

Pep Carrió, illustrator and designer, sends the fourth,

it's a hand, maybe a plant.

Jaime Serra, journalist, artist, sends the latest:

it's a sheet, it's got annotations.

Grassa Toro writes:

Aidez l'Eden.

It's been nine months.

Natalia Royo stamped the whole and the parts on a Saturday in November,
He is accompanied by Flavius, Isidro, Pep, Peret, Choni, Javi and Rubén.

Thomas Duaso, abanista, builds a box that is a frame that is a box.

Choni Naudín closes. 

It's been 385 days   since the first meeting; it's December 21
2019 and is presented in Zaragoza Aidez l'Eden, a work.